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Discover high-quality filter suppliers in Singapore for reliable filtration solutions. Our trusted suppliers offer a range of filters designed for efficiency and durability in various industrial applications. Rely on our partners to provide top-notch filtration solutions to meet your specific needs and ensure optimal performance in your processes.

Air filters are designed to retain contaminants such as airborne particles, dirt, dust and even harmful vapours. These inexpensive parts play an important role in keeping the air that enters your engine and cabin clean and free of the junk you encounter while driving

It have variety of flowrate and material properties as per the customer request.

Oil filter : The function of the oil filter is to remove impurities such as carbon residues and metal particles from the engine oil. If you continue to use an oil filter after the recommended replacement time, the engine oil will become more viscous and the filter will become clogged. This will eventually lead to engine problems.

  1. Compressors

  2. Engines

  3. Blowers

  4. Chiller (HVAC)

Filter Cloths

Filter Cloths
Surface design / Treatment Heat set | Calendared
Application Water | Chemical
Wave Satin
MOC Polypropylene monofil | Polypropylene Multifil
Air permeability Eg: 15 (± 10)

Discover the best Filter Cloth solutions in Singapore from a trusted supplier. Our reliable and high-quality Filter Cloths are crafted for efficient and effective filtration in diverse industrial applications. Trust in our partner to deliver top-notch solutions that enhance your filtration processes and ensure optimal results.

Filter cloths :In cake-forming filtration, filter cloths—textile fabrics—have the job of removing solids from a suspension that is (chemically abrasive and tempered), while the filtrate that is solids-free can pass through the fabric.

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